Course Introduction
Computer Science
Normative and Outer Limits of Human Genetics
Professor of Biology --- Columbia University
Biological Application for Organic Chemistry
Professor of Chemistry --- Harvard University
An Intensive Introduction to Journalism
Visiting Professor of Columbia J School and NYU
Introduction to Distributed Computing
Professor of Computer Science -- NYU Shanghai
Business Negotiation & Behavioral Science
Assistant Professor of Business School --- Harvard University
Statistical Analysis: Sport Team Value and Strenght
Lecturer of Mathematic --- University of Pennsylvania
About us
Institute for Advanced Research
Institute for Advanced Research (hereinafter referred to as IAR) is a program which offers
academic research experience for Chinese students from top high schools in China. The IAR
program provides our students with the opportunity of taking classes from Ivy League
professors and othertop foreign universitites; opportunity from which students can conduct an adequate research project.
The IAR program offers face to face and online academic classes with top professors in their fields of interest, through studying to conduct professional essays, statistical data collection with detailed statements, comparative research methods, data processing and analysis, paper literature quotation and other ways to complete a research report. This program helps more excellent students to achieve more academic background on a shorter and producitve way, challenging them to face current or future issues/situations. In this way, students have the opportunity to gain new development skills, to truly experience the fun and charm of academic research.
60 +
Faculty members from TOP US Universities
100 +
Course & Research Topics
Students from China and abroad
4 Yrs
of IAR activities
The 1st IAR Summer Program was successfully held in Shanghai, China
With the support of 14 faculties from Top US Universities,the IAR Program has held its first edition.
IAR Summer Program diversity
The IAR programs were successfully held in Shanghai,China, during winter and summer breaks and via online.It had provided great opportunities for excellent high school students to practice in-depth scientific research.
Wider range and more in-depth research subjects
The number of students reached a new high point since the program established.
Over 40 professors of world top uni invited to IAR Series
In 2020,IAR continues to upgrade to an international research platform,and launch three major research plans:IAR Online,IAR Research Program and IAR Camp.
Faculty Members
IAR International Academic Program faculty members are being invited from world top universities, such as Harvard University, Yale University, University of California, Berkeley, Columbia University, etc. They help to lead outstanding chinese students to explore their interest and potential in subject field and academic research through knowledge learning and research practice in a specific research direction in subject field.
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Add: 10th Floor, No. 19, Guoshun East Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
Tel No. : 021-53021617 Postcode: 200433
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